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About Us

In 2014, united under our mutual concern for national/international under-served
communities, the power team consisting of various individuals with vast experience in multiple
sectors worldwide set out to come up with a way to catalyze change in these areas.

Our Founders Karla and Damilare Sherubawon are both considered international philanthropists and
advocates for equality in health and educational system.

Message from Our Founders:

“Love is the door, faith is the path, sharing is the key.”

The world needs the partnership of everyone to share our commitment for advancement through giving in
love to create sustainability for the present and the growing future of the global community.

Karla was born in New York, USA and currently is a top Anesthesia provider with work experiences all
around the United States. Karla has worked for highly acclaimed medical facilities like NY
Presbyterian Hospital, Sentara Hospital, Orlando Health and to mention a few in the United States
building a following of the need to re-purpose medical waste and create a means of sharing these
tossed/unused resources for the greater purpose of advancement in most under-served communities

Karla has traveled to multiple international countries to give and share her passion for visible
sustainable health and educational platforms for our global community.

Dami from West Africa Nigeria is a successful entrepreneur in the Information Technology and
International Business Relations Sector. Dami, operates one of the largest individually owned gaming
companies in West Africa and is widely known for his philanthropy towards health and education

Through their Journey in life together, they quickly realized that their partnership facilitated a
wealth of growth and knowledge because of their different backgrounds and perhaps the world could
benefit from such partnerships. Furthermore, they found that SHARING of ideas, knowledge, and
RESOURCES via partnerships produced a sense of accountability that was continuous over longer periods
of time.

After a several months of brainstorming, PLEA was born, and they began to seek partners who not only
understood the intrinsic value of sharing extra resources with those who are in need, but also
understood that there is much to be learned and understood from our brothers and sisters around the
world regardless of socio-economic status.

Change is needed all around the world, not just in developing countries, thus PLEA was founded on two
basic theories. First, we are a part of ONE world, that SHARES the effects of inequalities in
different areas, and second, change is inevitable where partnerships exist.

Dami and Karla speak at a school in Lagos Nigeria
Karla Sherubawon

PLEA Organization

Damilare Sherubawon

Executive Director
PLEA Organization

Nii Acquaye

( Resource control Liaison )

Pearl Trinny

Medical Operations Manager West Africa