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Disposing Trash with a purpose

We designed our 100% Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, Cornstarch and Compostable
garbage bags to be an illustrator of how we specialize in re-purposing waste or un-used
resources into a sustainable and purposeful mission.

We intend to sell our garbage bags to fund a variety of upcoming projects
which includes but not limited to:

United States Leadership, Employment, Mentorship &
Advancement Program (U.S LEMAP)

This project goal is:

To promote advancement nationally by creating paid employment for 50 exemplary high school students
for mentorship into the healthcare and technical educational field yearly. Job descriptions will be
a fusion of carrying out the daily necessities of the organization with cultivation of each
student’s individual creativity and goals

These 50 high school students will be intentionally selected from areas/states of Low Economical
Status (LES) in the United States.

We are also working on various partnerships with Fortune 500 companies globally to secure guaranteed
employment for our students who successfully complete our program.
US Students Enroll Here

Students Submit an Essay on why you should be selected for employment and credit hours. Very
importantly your future goals regarding your chosen area of focus.

Please fill out the form below with your questions or comments. We appreciate the



November 2018