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For Whom We Plea

This Gallery represents the ACTIVE work Plea has been doing for under-served communities
in several countries in Africa.

Pictures and videos are of our past and current work all around the world.

2021 Haiti Health and Education Empowerment Project.

2021 Love Giveaway Event U.S.A.

PLEA 2020 D.M.V Cyber Tuesday’s Empowerment Program U.S.A.

PLEA 2020 Vision Center (1) West Africa

Plea 2019, 2020 Student’s Empowerment Program East Africa.

Linda Community School Zambia Trip 2019

Linda Community School Zambia Trip 2018

Distinction Wave Academy Lagos, Nigeria Trip 2018

Atua Government Hospital Ghana’s Trip 2017

CHP Bafilo Hospital Togo’s Trip 2017

Akinorun GrammarSchool Ikirun, Nigeria Trip 2016

Ifelodun Government Health Center, Osun Nigeria Trip 2015

PLEA Spring 2015 Visit To Araromi Hospital, Ikirun

PLEA Spring 2015 visit to Distinction Wave Academy, Lagos Nigeria