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Partnership definitions

Partnering with PLEA allows us to pair your school, company, facility, or organization with a similar agent in a country that is lacking resources needed to facilitate development. This partnership will be established for a minimum of 3 years, and a maximum of choice. Once a partnership has been assigned PLEA will collect the recycled resources your agency has to offer and ship them to your partnered facility 1-2 times a year free with no financial obligations to either facility. Leaders within both facilities will also have exclusive access to an online forum to exchange conversations, ideas, photos, or research. All donations may utilized for tax exemption.

Sponsorship definition

Becoming a sponsor with Plea allows us to receive and ship new or recycled goods/services from your school, company, facility, or organization without the accountability of partnership. All items or services can be submitted for tax exemption. Substantial donations may be matched with a global advertisement opportunity with our organization.