Sponsor a Facility Campaign

We are working ceaselessly to partner well established Medical and Educational facilities to
sponsor/share resources with under-served Medical and Educational communities globally


Our organization exclusively matches large medical centers with a sibling facility in a
developing nation for a term of no less than 5 years. During this time, facility surplus and
waste will be shipped once a year with bulk, surplus, monetary, and donated supplies.
Leadership within both facilities will have scheduled video conferences for exchange of
initiatives, research, and ideas throughout this time period. The goal is for advancement on
both ends, whether via supply or knowledge. With time we are prepared to facilitate the travel
of leadership to sibling facilities as well.

Terms of the agreement will be addressed in a contract and all donations will qualify for
tax deductions under our 501 c3 nonprofit status. Plea will pick up and store donations prior to
shipments when available or at fixed time periods established by the facility.

Sponsorship could be in form off but not limited to:

1. Medical and Educational Research/Material exchange programs
2. Workshops and Seminars
3. Medical and Educational Equipment’s
4. Books/Videos/Audio Materials
5. Travel
6. Building and Construction

And many more!

Ask us how you can help